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Every hotel in Bavaria,
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The commission-free offensive is launched.
The platform is now filled. It starts with you.

From April 1st till December 31nd up to half price:
Those who are in it earlier will save even more.

What is bayern-hotel.de?


bayern-hotel.de with the new “oha!” concept! Place – Hotel – Activity
Complete, compact platform–choose and book directly!
No commission – oha!

Commission free

With bayern-hotel.de you benefit from commission-free direct bookings. This means a consistent, comparatively low monthly fee. This is much cheaper than the usual (usually very high) monthly commission billing for most booking portals.

Directly contact your guests

Trough new bayern-hotel.de you receive and maintain direct, personal contact with your hotel guests. This strengthens customer loyalty, economic independence and future-proofing of your home.

Impact-strong top-level domain

Take advantage of the modern design and strength of the internationally high-impact top-level domain bayern-hotel.de. In connection with an attractive Internet presence of your house – of course, fully responsive on all output devices such as smartphones, tablets and small desktops.

Professional marketing service

Targeted performance communication is profitable for you. Take the chance to present your hotel more efficiently and more favorably. Upon request, the team of bayern-hotel.de also offers you professional advice and further services in all areas of marketing and corporate communication, especially tailored to your home and its needs.

Maximum costing scope

Benefit from your individual price offers, surcharges and discounts without deductions from commission payments. The result: Higher profits with market-driven, reasonably priced offers and better competitiveness.

First offer

Any hotel in Bavaria on bayern-hotel.de For a 2018 year, have the chance to claim a particularly attractive first start offer for half the monthly price. Save 50% on your package price for the period from April 1st to December 31st. No joke – your advantage.

Let’s go

  1. Simply register your hotel online.
  2. Select your suitable member package and
    enter the details of your hotel / accommodation.
  3. Your details will then be checked by the bayern-hotel.de team,
    to ensure completeness of the information.
  4. If you still have no confirmation for registration or activation, you remain completely relaxed – the examination of the information is still in progress. Surely you will soon receive an answer from bayern-hotel.de.
  5. With the activation you and your guests get access to your hotel website on bayern-hotel.de.
  6. All entries such as images, texts, services, calendars, prices and much more can be entered, updated, supplemented and deleted at any time.
  7. Now offers and services of your hotel in the top design are presented worldwide.
  8. Become part of the bayern-hotel.de community. Easily enter your own or surrounding activities and events. Your guests will be amazed.


Can the information provided during the registration be supplemented / changed / updated later?

You can edit and update all your inputs and information at any time. For example, you can supplement or change your offer with new services. Your changes will be live immediately.

Which pictures are recommended for optimal presentation?

After registration you have the possibility to upload pictures of your hotel/accommodation. Pictures of the interior and exterior are crucial for the positive perception of your guests. That’s why it’s important to provide friendly and quality pictures. Pay attention to good resolution (minimum width: 800px, 72 dpi). Do you need help with the processing of your pictures or the formulation of your texts? The bayern-hotel.de team is at your disposal for favorable conditions. This gives the guest the best impression of your home and increases your chances for more bookings noticeably.

How long last the set up of mine hotel?

Once you have completed the registration, your entries will be reviewed immediately. This also increases in your interest the certainty that in bayern-hotel.de. Only high-quality and reputable entries are published. Afterwards you will receive confirmation email and within a few hours your hotel entry will be activated online.

How is your entry in bayern-hotel.de calculated? - Are commission payments due?

No. This hotel search portal for direct hotel reservations is completely free of commission. Guests book directly through the hotel websites. You are therefore independent of expensive booking systems (platforms) and benefit from direct contact with your guests (hotel guests / customers). For an official bayern-hotel.de full entry you only pay a much lower monthly fixed amount – adjusted to the size of your house.